Mini Cupcake Surprise Dolls

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Treat Yourself to a Delicious Delight with Cupcake Surprise

Is there anything better than nice smelling cup cakes?
Yes.. nice smelling cup cakes that turns into cute little Princesses.

Each Princess doll is packaged as a beautiful Cup cake. Kids will love unpacking the cup cakes and discover which Princess is hidden inside the cup cake. Each cup cake is nicely decorated with swirls, or sprinkes and smell like delicious cupcakes.

The real fun starts when the kids open the delicious cup cakes and transform each of them into a Princess. Simply remove the top and flip the base inside out to reveal a cute princess. It really just takes a second. An additional surprise awaits: a delicious scent. All Mini Cup Cake Surprise dolls are scented with either strawberry, blueberry, orange or another nice smelling cup cake scent. Yummy!

Once the Mini Cup Cake Surprise is in princess mode, the cup cake top also doubles as a fashionable hat.


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