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They are finally here! Magical Pet Bracelets! 🤩Twist these adorable beads into cute animals. Order Now! It is a snap with just 2 twists your favorite animals is ready. Pull at each end and they transform back into a wearable bracelet. Connect 3 bracelets to make a cute necklace and with a few twists you can even make an animal pendant. Simply connect each end to create an amazing bracelet. Super cute. You can choose from Unicorns, dogs, cats, deer and many more animals. This will become you favorite pet in no time.🐹 🐭🐶🐱🐼🦄🦄

You can even use them as accessories on your bag, backpack or to hold your ponytail.

Collect them all and keep watching out for new designs, colors and shapes. Buy 4 and get 1 Free!

This is the perfect birthday gift. 💕
PM us to order. Only 149 pesos each. Order here on our site just choose from the letters of each animal.

Please choose the LETTER you want to order and keep adding the letters you like.

These cute little Animals made of beads magically transforms into a bracelet. You can even combine them and wear them as a necklace. What is your favorite? You can choose from the Unicorn, Deer, Bear, Panda and many more.

There are so many adorable and cute designs to collect and wear. Don’t forget to keep coming back to see the many new animals and designs we have.

The newest fashion for girls of all ages. Twisty the animals into smart and cute bracelets. You can even trade them with your friends and don’t forget to collect all of the many designs.

Hang them on your schoolbag to be extra fashionable. They are so much fun. You will absolutely love them. 😍 🦄

Buy them from our online shop now or find them at all these stores Nationwide starting December 2018 :

National Book Store, Expression, UNO, Mi, Centro Department store and many more.

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